Fotodiox BD-EZPro-MultiV-24 24 in. EZ-Pro Studio Solutions Beauty Dish & Softbox Combination with Multiblitz V Speedring
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The Fotodiox Collapsible Beauty Dish is the perfect accessory for the on-the-go portrait photographer that may require a quick and easy alternative to bulky, conventional beauty dishes. It uniquely diffuses light to provide high output with moderate feathering. A beauty dish uses a circle of light with an opaque center and an internal light shield that allows for bounce lighting, resulting in rich shadows. It will also provide moderate, round catch lights in the eyes, whereas a softbox will yield larger, angular catch lights. The Fotodiox Pro Collapsible Beauty Dish uses a parabolic reflector to focus light towards a wrapped area. The Fotodiox Pro Collapsible Beauty Dish is unique in that the inner light shield is removable and an inner diffusion baffle can be attached in its place via Fabric Hook and Eye, allowing the beauty dish to double as a small portable softbox. The beauty dish also comes with an outer diffusion panel for controlling the sharpness of shadows even further. You can use a combination of the possible light modifiers, such as the outer diffuser cover with the optional 50 honeycomb grid to change the light pattern, creating a wrapped, contrasted look which adds a very dramatic effect. The optional eggcrate grid contains the light to a more tubular pattern for more of a spotlight effect without light spill. FeaturesFor Multiblitz V, Varilux, and Compatible - Quick Collapsible, Soft White Interior, with Double Diffusion PanelsLighter, portable, convenient alternative to conventional Beauty DishInterchangable Speedring Inserts, for use on various monolightsModify the Light with Included Inner Shield, Inner Baffle, and Outter BaffleCompatible with Optional Eggcrate Grid24 Month Manufacture Compatible Strobes:Flashpoint IIMultiblitz BLMultiblitz VariluxMultiblitz XSpecificationsSize: 24 in. Handle: Bd-Ezpro-MultivWeight: 2722 g- SKU: FTDX457

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