Equity by La Crosse 30402 Extra-Large 3 In. Red LED Electric Alarm Clock with HI/LO settings
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Product Description

Make life a little easier with the Equity La Crosse Alarm Clock. Alarm clocks are convenient, but not always easy to read, especially when you're not entirely awake. This compact essential makes it easy to see what time it is, even with your glasses off in the middle of the night. The extra large LED alarm clock features a 3" display that shows the time in big, bold red numbers; Hi/Lo display brightness lets you adjust the intensity for optimal clarity with just the flick of a switch. Setting up alarms and adjusting display time for daylight savings is simple thanks to easy-to-read buttons. The alarm is powerful enough to get you moving, but can also be controlled with a dedicated Hi/Lo button. A large snooze button will temporarily silence the alarm for nine full minutes when you just need a few more winks. The electric alarm clock is AC-powered, but can also use a battery for backup, ensuring your clock runs smoothly even in the event of a power outage. Batteries are sold separately.

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