Ematic 5-in-1 Universal Accessory Kit for Apple iPods and MP3 Players
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Product Description

The 5-in-1 Ematic Universal Accessory Kit includes several items to help you take care of your music player and enhance your listening experience. It includes a car charger to keep your device's battery powered while you're on the road as well as an aux cable to connect your player to a car stereo for listening while driving. You can also hook it up to a stereo or home theater system to enhance and amplify your songs. It is designed for use with both Apple iPods and other types of MP3 players. This Ematic accessory kit also has a cloth for gently cleaning your device's screen to keep it free of dust and smudges. Additionally, it has a pouch with a cinch cord for safely carrying your player in your pocket, backpack or purse during travel. The MP3 player and iPod accessory kit includes an audio splitter that accommodates two pairs of headphones, making it easy to share music and other audio with a friend.

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