E-Replacements DT00231-ER Proj Lamp For 3M/Hitachi/Other
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Product Description

Premium Power Compatible Replacement Projector Lamp for 3M MP8670, 3M MP8745, 3M MP8755, 3M MP8760, 3M MP8770, BOXLIGHT MP-650i, BOXLIGHT MP-86i, DUKANE Image Pro 8050, DUKANE Image Pro 8800, DUKANE Image Pro 8800A, DUKANE Image Pro 8900, HITACHI CP-S860, HITACHI CP-S860W, HITACHI CP-S958W, HITACHI CP-S960, HITACHI CP-S960W, HITACHI CP-S960WA, HITACHI CP-S970W, HITACHI CP-X860W, HITACHI CP-X958, HITACHI CP-X958W, HITACHI CP-X960W, HITACHI CP-X960WA, HITACHI CP-X970, HITACHI CP-X970W, LIESEGANG dv240, LIESEGANG dv340, LIESEGANG dv350, LIESEGANG dv360, POLAROID Polaview 360, PROXIMA DP-6840, PROXIMA DP-6850, PROXIMA DP-6850+, VIEWSONIC LP860-2, VIEWSONIC PJ1060, VIEWSONIC PJ1060-2, VIEWSONIC PJ860-2. " Compatible Part Numbers: RLU-190-03A, LAMP-017- SKU: DHDT00231ER

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