Dataproducts Non-OEM New Black Printer Ribbon for TallyGenicom 3A0100B02 (EA)
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Product Description

Genicom 3800,Black. The OEM part number that this item replaces is part number Genicom 3A0100B02. This item is a Dataproducts branded replacement for Genicom 3A0100B02 that is offered at a substantial value-driven savings, and that ships fast and accurately. You won't be disappointed with your purchase, we guarantee it. The color of this product is Black. Comparable models include: Decision Data 362997-00, Decision Data 363018-00, Tally Genicom 3A0100B03, Tally Genicom 3A1600B02. Compatability includes: Genicom 3800. Get this Black Printer Ribbon for TallyGenicom 3A0100B02 (EA) enjoy fast shipping and low prices today

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