Cyfre Antenna Adapter for Motorola KRZR K1m Slvr L7c Samsung A990 U740 - IAC019
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Cyfre Antenna Adapter for Motorola KRZR K1m Slvr L7c Samsung 990 Alias U740 Nimbus Siren - IAC019Model # IAC057The Dyna-Boost line of Antenna Adapter Cables developed by their experienced engineering team are designed to meet your cosmetic and technical needs for maximum reception. Thanks to these innovations and their attention to detail Dyna-Boost adapters are the best performing and most complete line of Antenna Adapter Cables available today. Using their unique resources, Dyna-Boost is able to stay current with today's rapidly changing phone market.Dyna-Boost Antenna Adapter Cables are specifically designed for the least amount of loss while maximizing gain on all 800 MHz and 1900 MHz frequencies. By adding additional copper, thicker foam insulation, and high performance ultra low loss coaxial cable, they insure Dyna-Boost manufactures the finest Antenna Adapter Cables in today's demanding cellular landscape. All Dyna-Boost Antenna Adapter Cables come 4ft in length thus allowing you to enjoy the freedom and convenience of your phone.*All cables are terminated with a TNC type connector.

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