Copper Magnetic Therapy Bracelet Ripple High Power Pain Relief
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Copper Magnetic Therapy Bracelet. This fine quality copper magnetic bracelet has 6 permanent and powerful 3000 gauss bio north rare earth magnets. For added quality, it is nickel free and has stainless steel magnet caps. This therapy bracelet is fashionable and looks great on both men and women. This magnetic bracelet is made and sold only by Magnet Jewelry Store.Get the Size You Need.One size does not fit all so we offer more than one size. Each bracelet size offered states the wrist sizes it will fit. Choose a bracelet size that includes the actual wrist size when measured against the skin without adding extra. To get wrist size, measure where the arm meets the hand, with a soft tape measure, snug without adding extra.Shop with ConfidenceIncluded with your bracelet is our Magnet Jewelry Store product information sheet. Our info sheet has important information about the bracelet and also our contact information. We also include our toll free customer service phone number just in case you need us. This is an authentic Magnet Jewelry Store bracelet that has a small stamp of MJS on the underside to confirm this. Real copper, which this bracelet is made of, can naturally react to the environment and also some people's perspiration to turn skin and copper, green, blue or black. This patina is natural and not a defect, and may happen because of the nature of real copper. Millions of people wear magnetic therapy items for health, sleep, pain, circulation, and many other conditions. You should not use magnets if you have an electronic implanted medical device, or if you are pregnant, and should consult a doctor before use. We make no claims for cure, treatment or mitigation of any physical condition. Thank you for reading.

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