Coastal Jewelry Agate and Lava Stone Libra Sign Stretch Bracelet
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Coastal Jewelry Agate and Lava Stone Libra Sign Stretch BraceletAdorn your wrist with this Zodiac sign Horoscope bracelet. This unique stretch bracelet features natural stones paired with a Zodiac symbol. Wearing zodiac jewelry provides insight on characteristics, traits, strengths, and goals. While both Agate and Lava Stones work with the Root Chakra to keep you grounded and help with emotional tranquility, courage, and a sense of calmness. This bead bracelet contours well onto the shape of your wrist for a comfortable wear. This jewelry item has a total of 20 natural stones each measuring approximately 5/16 inches long. The Horoscope bead measures 11mm wide. The stretch bracelet measures 5/16 inches wide by 8 inches long by 5/16 inches thick and weighs 18 grams. Wear this bracelet alone or pair it with other bracelets to give your wrist a stylish layered look. Stone Power Color Meaning: Aries: red stirs the soul and enhances your passion, energy, and initiativeTaurus: green nurtures the spirit and reinforces the connection to nature and growthGemini: yellow lifts the spirit and triggers curiosity and brilliant thoughtsCancer: white connects you with your intuition and gifts you with a clean slateLeo: gold empowers your warm heart and strengthens your positive spiritVirgo: brown keeps you grounded and focused on growthLibra: blue help to open your heart and soften your presenceScorpio: black keeps you intensely inquisitive and focused on transformationSagittarius: purple pushes your philosophical mind toward enlightenment and opennessCapricorn: brown helps you find the strongest and most practical path for your lifeAquarius: blue helps encourage brilliant ideas and balance your restless energyPisces: pale green brings about healing and renewal and connects you with your subconscious

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