Channel Plus 2501-10 In-Line Blocking Capacitors
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Product Description

Eliminate unwanted signals from your audio or video stream when you use Channel Plus 2501-10 In-Line Blocking Capacitors. These are used in systems where DC and/or IR control pulses are present on the coaxial cable. The DC blocking capacitor can be inserted in an individual coaxial cable feed when you don't want these signals or don't want to see them shorted out by downstream video products. The capacitor serves as an open circuit to DC and low-frequency IR control signals, yet passes all RF signals on. This coaxial cable capacitor comes in a group of 10, and it can be used with DA 550 panels on locations where IR control is not needed. You can make this an integral part of your audio and video components. By installing these you can make sure unwanted signals stay on the sidelines, and the right signals come through as part of your electrical wiring. Use Channel Plus in-line blocking capacitors on your in-home entertainment devices for safety and security.

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