Brink's 180 Degree Plug-In Motion Activated Security Light, Grey Finish
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Product Description

The Brink's 180-Degree Halogen Plug in Motion-Activated Security Light offers an additional lighting solution. This product is a motion-activated security light. This product can be mounted to a wall or eave, and the plug in security light is powered by an outlet. There is no hardwiring required for this product. The 180-degree security light can be moved or swiveled to dawn light on the desired area. The motion light feature is highly sensitive and can pick up even substantial movements. This can help to deter or alert you of unwanted visitors. Additional uses of this item are to illuminate areas like walkways, driveways or yards. The light can help make darkened areas of the home safer to walk so any obstacles can be visible. The sensor of the security light can also be moved. The Brink's brand is a trusted company that has been in business since 1859. They're well known for having top-quality security-related product devices and services.

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