Bravo View IH-03A - Kid-Friendly Automotive IR Wireless Headphones (Single Source)
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Bravo Views IH-03A kid-friendly IR wireless headphones give your backseat passengers a way to enjoy sound from your mobile video system. You can control the volume of your music and movies directly form the controls located on the ear cup. These headphones work wirelessly with most overhead and headrest monitors that have a built-in infrared (IR) transmitter. The kid-friendly headphones will give your child the most comfortable and entertaining experience possible. Their multi-color design will leave your kids begging to wear them. Most importantly, leaving you with the peace and quiet you deserve! For convenience, the Bravo View kid-friendly IR wireless headphones featureAuto-off circuitry that will power them OFF when not in use.BEFORE YOU BUY, PLEASE READ:These wireless headphones are for use in motor vehicles only. They are not designed for home use with products such as portable DVD players, computers, tablets or televisions.**These headphones DO NOT work with the vehicles listed below. Theyrequire Digital IR Headphones.Cadillac Escalade (2017 & above)Chevrolet Silverado, Suburban, Tahoe (2017 & above)GMC Yukon, Denali (2017 & above)Chrysler Pacifica (2017 & above)

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