BattPit Sony VAIO VGN-FW292N VAIO VGN-FW292U VAIO VGN-FW290U VAIO VGN-FW292 Series VAIO VGN-FW292E Part# VGP-BPS13, VGP-BPL13, VGP-BPS13/S, Sony VGP-BPS13A/B Laptop Battery
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This Genuine BattPit product comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and 1 Year Warranty. Bring your laptop back to life with this cutting-edge premium quality Li-ion replacement battery. The built-in protection circuit ensures safety, stability, fast charging and low power consumption for your device. This battery is fully compatible with the following Sony VAIO laptop / notebook model: PCG-3C1L PCG-3C2L PCG-3H4L PCG-5P2L PCG-5P4L PCG-7153L PCG-7154L PCG-8131L PCG-8141L PCG-8152L PCG-9Z1L PCG-9Z2L VGN-AW Series VGN-AW110 Series VGN-AW120 Series VGN-AW120J VGN-AW120J/H VGN-AW125 Series VGN-AW130 Series VGN-AW150 Series VGN-AW160 Series VGN-AW170 Series VGN-AW180 Series VGN-AW190 Series VGN-AW290 VGN-AW290 Premium VGN-AW31M/H VGN-BZ560 CTO VGN-BZ560 Series VGN-BZ561 Series VGN-BZ561N VGN-BZ562 Series VGN-BZ562NAB VGN-CS107 Series VGN-CS108 Series VGN-CS109 Series VGN-CS110 Series VGN-CS115 Series VGN-CS118 Series VGN-CS120 Series VGN-CS160 Series VGN-CS180 Series VGN-CS190 Series VGN-FW100 Series VGN-FW130 Series VGN-FW139 Series VGN-FW145 Series VGN-FW148 Series VGN-FW160 Series VGN-FW160E VGN-FW160E/H VGN-FW170 Series VGN-FW170J VGN-FW170J/H VGN-FW180 Series VGN-FW180E VGN-FW180EH VGN-FW190 Series VGN-FW198 Series VGN-FW226 Series VGN-FW230 Series VGN-FW235 Series VGN-FW240 Series VGN-FW245 Series VGN-FW246 Series VGN-FW248 Series VGN-FW250 Series VGN-FW260 Series VGN-FW265 Series VGN-FW270 Series VGN-FW275 Series VGN-FW280 Series VGN-FW285 Series VGN-FW290 Series VGN-FW292 Series VGN-FW298 Series VGN-FW390 VGN-FW390YLH VGN-FW398Y/H VGN-FW448J/B VGN-FW490 CTO VGN-FW490JEB VGN-FW590 CTO VGN-FW590FEB VGN-FW590GAB VGN-FW590GIB VGN-FW599GCB VGN-NS101 Series VGN-NS106 Series VGN-NS110 Series VGN-NS120 Series VGN-NS130 Series VGN-NS135 Series VGN-NS140 Series VGN-NS150 Series VGN-NS160 Series VGN-NS180 Series VGN-NS190 Series VGN-NS20E/S VGN-NS295DW VGN-NS295J/L VGN-SR130 Series VGN-SR140 Series VGN-SR140N VGN-SR140N/S VGN-SR165 Series VGN-SR190 Series VGN-SR205 Series VGN-SR205N VGN-SR205N/B VGN-SR210 Series VGN-SR220 Series VGN-SR230 Series VGN-SR230J VGN-SR240 Series VGN-SR250 Series VGN-SR260 Series VGN-SR260J VGN-SR280 Series VGN-SR290 Series VGN-SR290PHB VGN-SR290U VGN-SR399PCB VGN-SR590 CTO VPCCW18FX/B VPCCW1NFX/B etcFully Compatible with Sony part number: VGP-BPL13 VGP-BPS13 VGP-BPS13/Q VGP-BPS13/S VGP-BPS13A VGP-BPS13A/B VGP-BPS13A/Q VGP-BPS13A/S VGP-BPS13B/B VGP-BSP13/S

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