BattPit: New Replacement Laptop AC Adapter/Power Supply/Charger for Sony VAIO VGN-T340P/LKIT1, PCGA-AC16V, PCGA-AC16V6, VGP-AC16V13, VGP-AC16V4 (16V 4A 64W)
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** Please verify your laptop model / original AC adapter part# / output voltage / tip size before purchasing. **We care our customers. Contact us if you have any inquires. Brand New BattPit 16V 4A 64W AC Adapter/Power Supply/Charger.- 1 Year Replacement Warranty on all BattPit Products.- 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.- Orders ship out in 1-2 business days.NOTE: Please match the tip of your original adapter with the tip pictured to avoid purchasing the wrong adapter.Compatible with the following Sony models: PCG-V505 Series, PCG-Z1 Series, PictureBook PCG-C1F, PictureBook PCG-C1X, VAIO PCG-141L, VAIO PCG-1K1L, VAIO PCG-1L1L, VAIO PCG-1L2L, VAIO PCG-1N1L, VAIO PCG-232L, VAIO PCG-252L, VAIO PCG-321A, VAIO PCG-481L, VAIO PCG-481M, VAIO PCG-481N, VAIO PCG-491L, VAIO PCG-4F2L, VAIO PCG-4G1L, VAIO PCG-4K1, VAIO PCG-4K1L, VAIO PCG-4K2L, VAIO PCG-500, VAIO PCG-505, VAIO PCG-51AL, VAIO PCG-5201, VAIO PCG-5312, VAIO PCG-5322, VAIO PCG-532A, VAIO PCG-551L, VAIO PCG-561L, VAIO PCG-5A1M, VAIO PCG-5B1L, VAIO PCG-661L, VAIO PCG-661M, VAIO PCG-681L, VAIO PCG-682L, VAIO PCG-691L, VAIO PCG-6B1L, VAIO PCG-6XBL, VAIO PCG-7D1L, VAIO PCG-871L, VAIO PCG-995L, VAIO PCG-C1 Series, VAIO PCG-GR Series, VAIO PCG-GT1 Series, VAIO PCG-N505 Series, VAIO PCG-SR Series, VAIO PCG-SRX Series, VAIO PCG-TR1 Series, VAIO PCG-U Series, VAIO PCG-V505 Series, VAIO PCG-VX Series, VAIO PCG-X505, VAIO PCG-XE Series, VAIO PCG-XF Series, VAIO PCG-XG Series, VAIO PCG-XR Series, VAIO PCG-Z1 Series, VAIO PCG-Z1A Series, VAIO PCG-Z505 Series, VAIO PCG-Z600, VAIO Superslim Pro, VAIO VGN-B100 series, VAIO VGN-S Series, VAIO VGN-T Series, VAIO VGN-TT Series, VAIO VGN-TX Series, VAIO VGN-TXN Series, VAIO VGN-TZ Series, VAIO VGN-U Series, VAIO VGN-UX Series, VAIO VGN-X505, VAIO VGN-Y Series, VGN-B1, VGN-B3, VGN-B55, VGN-B88, VGN-B90Compatible with the following Sony part numbers: 1-476-943-11, 147886021, 1-478-860-21, PCGA-AC16V, PCGA-AC16V1, PCGA-AC16V13, PCGA-AC16V3, PCGA-AC16V4, PCGA-AC16V6, PCGA-AC16V7, PCGA-AC16V8, PCGA-AC51, PCGA-AC5E, VGP-AC16V, VGP-AC16V1, VGP-AC16V13, VGP-AC16V14, VGP-AC16V3, VGP-AC16V4, VGP-AC16V6, VGP-AC16V7, VGP-AC16V8

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