BattPit: New Replacement Laptop AC Adapter/Power Supply/Charger for Sony SVP1321S2E, ADP-50ZH B, PA-1450-06SP, VGP-AC10V10, VGP-AC10V7, VGP-AC10V8 (9.5V 2.315A 22W)
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Brand New BattPit 9.5V 2.315A 22W AC Adapter/Power Supply/Charger.- 1 Year Replacement Warranty on all BattPit Products.- 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.- Orders ship out in 1-2 business days.NOTE: Please match the tip of your original adapter with the tip pictured to avoid purchasing the wrong adapter.Compatible with the following Sony models: SVD1121C5E, SVD1121P2E, SVD1121P2R, SVD1121Q2E, SVD1121X9R, SVD1121Z9E, SVD13217PG, SVD13217PT, SVD13218PG, SVD132190X, SVD1321F4R, SVD1321G4R, SVD1321H4R, SVD1321J4R, SVD1321K4R, SVD1321L2E, SVD1321M2R, SVD1321M9E, SVD1321M9R, SVD1321X9E, SVD1321Z9E, SVD1322Z9E, SVD1322ZPA, SVD1322ZPG, SVD13231SG, SVD13236PG, SVD1323A4E, SVD1323B4E, SVP1121A4E, SVP1121B4E, SVP1121C4E, SVP1121M1E, SVP1121M2E, SVP1121M2R, SVP1121V9R, SVP1121W9E, SVP13212ST, SVP13213CG, SVP13218PG, SVP13218PT, SVP13219PT, SVP1321A4E, SVP1321A6E, SVP1321B4E, SVP1321B6E, SVP1321C5E, SVP1321J1E, SVP1321J1R, SVP1321L1E, SVP1321M2R, SVP1321M4R, SVP1321M8E, SVP1321M9E, SVP1321M9R, SVP1321Q4R, SVP1321U4E, SVP1321U6R, SVP1321V9E, SVP1321V9R, SVP1321W9E, SVP1321Y9E, SVP1321Z9E, SVP1321Z9R, SVP1321ZPGR, SVP1322A4E, SVP1322B4E, SVP1322E4E, SVP1322F4E, SVP1322L1E, SVP1322L4E, SVP1322M1E, SVP1322M1R, SVP1322M2E, SVP1322M4E, SVP1322M8E, SVP1322M9R, SVP1322V8E, SVP1322V9E, SVP1322V9R, SVP1322X2E, VAIO Duo 11, VAIO Duo 13, VAIO Pro 11, VAIO Pro 13, VPCP100 Series, VPCP113KX/B, VPCP113KX/D, VPCP113KX/G, VPCP113KX/P, VPCP113KX/W, VPCP115KW/B, VPCP115KW/D, VPCP115KW/P, VPCP115KW/W, VPCP116KG/B, VPCP116KG/D, VPCP116KG/P, VPCP116KG/W, VPCP11S1E/B, VPCP11S1E/G, VPCP11Z9E/BCompatible with the following Sony part numbers: ADP-50ZH B, PA-1450-06SP, VGP-AC10V10, VGP-AC10V7, VGP-AC10V8

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