BattPit: New Replacement Laptop AC Adapter/Power Supply/Charger for NEC VA50H/SY/D, 85G6682, 85G6695, 85G6696, 85G6698, 85G6700, 85G6706 (16V 4.5A 72W)
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Brand New BattPit 16V 4.5A 72W AC Adapter/Power Supply/Charger.- 1 Year Replacement Warranty on all BattPit Products.- 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.- Orders ship out in 1-2 business days.NOTE: Please match the tip of your original adapter with the tip pictured to avoid purchasing the wrong adapter.Compatible with the following models: Asus B80, Asus B80A, Asus B80A-1A, Asus B80A-4G003E, Asus B80A-4G004, Asus B80A-4G004E, Asus B80A-4G007C, Asus B80A-4G007E, Asus B80A-4G019, Asus B80A-4P018E, Asus B80A-4Q002E, Asus B80A-4Q008E, Asus B80A-4Q027E, Asus B80A-A1, Asus B80A-A2, Asus B80A-B1, Asus F81Se, Asus F82Q, Asus F83Se, Asus M60J, Asus M60Vp, Asus N70SL, Asus N81, Asus N81Se, Asus N81Vg, Asus N81Vp-C1, Asus N90Sc, Asus N90Sv, Asus S121, Asus X61SL, Epson ActionNote 700, NEC LB33H/12C, NEC LB33H/12D, NEC LB33H12CW, NEC LB400J/12C, NEC LB400J/12D, NEC LB40H/22D, NEC LB40H/22DW, NEC LB500J/22D, NEC LM40H/32D1, NEC LM40H/32D6, NEC LM500J/32D, NEC LM500J/32D2, NEC LM500J/32DW, NEC LM50H/52DC, NEC LM50H/62DC, NEC LM600J/52DB, NEC LM600J/62DC, NEC LX60T/51EC, NEC LX60T/6S1EC, NEC LX60T/71EC, NEC LX60T/7B1EC, NEC VA10J/VH/G, NEC VA11J/VH/H, NEC VA40H/SY/9, NEC VA40H/WS/9, NEC VA50H/SY/A, NEC VA50H/SY/D, NEC VA50H/SZ/A, NEC VA50H/SZ/D, NEC VA50H/TR/A, NEC VA60H/TM/D, NEC Versa Lite FX, NEC Versa Lite FXi, NEC Versa Note FX, NEC Versa Note FXi, NEC Versa UltraLite SeriesCompatible with the following part numbers: M2-10US05-A, 01H6136, 02K0077, 02K6454, 02K6491, 02K6496, 02K6497, 02K6542, 02K6543, 02K6544, 02K6545, 02K6547, 02K6548, 02K6549, 02K6550, 02K6553, 02K6554, 02K6555, 02K6556, 02K6557, 02K6583, 02K6584, 02K6585, 02K6586, 02K6587, 02K6588, 02K6589, 02K6657, 02K6661, 02K6665, 02K6666, 02K6669, 02K6670, 02K6673, 02K6674, 02K6677, 02K6699, 02K6700, 02K6701, 02K6704, 02K6744, 02K6746, 02K6749, 02K6750, 02K6753, 02K6754, 02K6756, 02K6757, 02K6807, 02K6808, 02K6809, 02K6810, 02K6813, 02K6814, 02K6815, 02K6816, 02K6880, 02K6881, 02K6882, 02K6883, 02K6884, 02K6886, 02K6887, 02K6888, 02K6889, 02K6890, 02K6891, 02K7006, 02K7007, 02K7009, 02K7010, 02K7011, 04H6867, 04H6903, 04H6904, 05K6554, 08K8203, 08K8204, 08K8205, 08K8208, 08K8209, 08K8212, 10H4020, 11J8626, 11J8627, 11J8702, 11J8956, 11J8974, 11J9992, 12H1441, 12J0536, 12J0538, 12J0539, 12J1441, 12J1442, 12J1443, 12J1444, 12J2453, 12J2584, 12J2585, 22P9003, 22P9010, 22P9021, 25.10064.031, 25.10068.071, 33G6022, 33G9616, 36H6340, 4A-PCP7H-AD, 60G1683, 60G1684, 65NT178E, 73G1819, 76H0139, 76H0147, 83H6339, 83H6739, 85G5709, 85G6670, 85G6675, 85G6682, 85G6695, 85G6696, 85G6698, 85G6700, 85G6706, 85G6709, 85G6719, 85G6720, 85G6734, 85G6736, 85G6737, 85G6738, 85GR6709, 93P5022, IBPS240, IBPS310, IBPS365, IBPS380, IBPS380X, IBPS390, IBPS560, IBPS560X2, IBPS570, IBPS770, IBPSI1700, LPAIB3, LPAIB4, LPAIB5, LPAIB6, ZVC65NT17.8E, 6140-01-540-6513, AD-4015, CF-AA1623A, CF-AA1625AM, CF-VZSU29U

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