BattPit: New Replacement Laptop AC Adapter/Power Supply/Charger for IBM ThinkPad 355, 02K6666, 02K6669, 02K6670, 02K6673, 02K6674, 02K6677 (16V 4.5A 72W)
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** Please verify your laptop model / original AC adapter part# / output voltage / tip size before purchasing. **We care our customers. Contact us if you have any inquires. Brand New BattPit 16V 4.5A 72W AC Adapter/Power Supply/Charger.- 1 Year Replacement Warranty on all BattPit Products.- 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.- Orders ship out in 1-2 business days.NOTE: Please match the tip of your original adapter with the tip pictured to avoid purchasing the wrong adapter.Compatible with the following Panasonic models: CF-29, CF-29A, CF-29E, CF-51, CF-52, ToughBook 01, ToughBook 07, ToughBook 08, ToughBook 17, ToughBook 18, ToughBook 19, ToughBook 21, ToughBook 25, ToughBook 27, ToughBook 28, ToughBook 29, ToughBook 30, ToughBook 33, ToughBook 34, ToughBook 35, ToughBook 37, ToughBook 41, ToughBook 42, ToughBook 43, ToughBook 45, ToughBook 47, ToughBook 48, ToughBook 50, ToughBook 51, ToughBook 52, ToughBook 61, ToughBook 62, ToughBook 63, ToughBook 71, ToughBook 72, ToughBook 73, ToughBook 74, ToughBook CF-17, ToughBook CF-18, ToughBook CF-19, ToughBook CF-21, ToughBook CF-25, ToughBook CF-27, ToughBook CF-28, ToughBook CF-29, ToughBook CF-30, ToughBook CF-33, ToughBook CF-34, ToughBook CF-35, ToughBook CF-37, ToughBook CF-41, ToughBook CF-42, ToughBook CF-43, ToughBook CF-45, ToughBook CF-47, ToughBook CF-48, ToughBook CF-50, ToughBook CF-51, ToughBook CF-52, ToughBook CF-61, ToughBook CF-62, ToughBook CF-63, ToughBook CF-71, ToughBook CF-72, ToughBook CF-73, ToughBook CF-P1, ToughBook CF-R1, ToughBook CF-R2, ToughBook CF-S51, ToughBook CF-T1, ToughBook CF-T2, ToughBook CF-T4, ToughBook CF-T5, ToughBook CF-V21, ToughBook CF-V25, ToughBook CF-V41, ToughBook CF-V45, ToughBook CF-W2, ToughBook CF-W4, ToughBook CF-W5, ToughBook CF-Y2, ToughBook CF-Y4, ToughBook CF-Y5, ToughBook F8, ToughBook H1, ToughBook M31, ToughBook M34, ToughBook P1, ToughBook R1, ToughBook S51, ToughBook T1, ToughBook T2, ToughBook T4, ToughBook T5, ToughBook T7, ToughBook T8, ToughBook U1, ToughBook V21, ToughBook V25, ToughBook V41, ToughBook V45, ToughBook W2, ToughBook W4, ToughBook W5, ToughBook W7, ToughBook W8, ToughBook Y2, ToughBook Y4, ToughBook Y5, ToughBook Y7Compatible with the following part numbers: M2-10US05-A, 01H6136, 02K0077, 02K6454, 02K6491, 02K6496, 02K6497, 02K6542, 02K6543, 02K6544, 02K6545, 02K6547, 02K6548, 02K6549, 02K6550, 02K6553, 02K6554, 02K6555, 02K6556, 02K6557, 02K6583, 02K6584, 02K6585, 02K6586, 02K6587, 02K6588, 02K6589, 02K6657, 02K6661, 02K6665, 02K6666, 02K6669, 02K6670, 02K6673, 02K6674, 02K6677, 02K6699, 02K6700, 02K6701, 02K6704, 02K6744, 02K6746, 02K6749, 02K6750, 02K6753, 02K6754, 02K6756, 02K6757, 02K6807, 02K6808, 02K6809, 02K6810, 02K6813, 02K6814, 02K6815, 02K6816, 02K6880, 02K6881, 02K6882, 02K6883, 02K6884, 02K6886, 02K6887, 02K6888, 02K6889, 02K6890, 02K6891, 02K7006, 02K7007, 02K7009, 02K7010, 02K7011, 04H6867, 04H6903, 04H6904, 05K6554, 08K8203, 08K8204, 08K8205, 08K8208, 08K8209, 08K8212, 10H4020, 11J8626, 11J8627, 11J8702, 11J8956, 11J8974, 11J9992, 12H1441, 12J0536, 12J0538, 12J0539, 12J1441, 12J1442, 12J1443, 12J1444, 12J2453, 12J2584, 12J2585, 22P9003, 22P9010, 22P9021, 25.10064.031, 25.10068.071, 33G6022, 33G9616, 36H6340, 4A-PCP7H-AD, 60G1683, 60G1684, 65NT178E, 73G1819, 76H0139, 76H0147, 83H6339, 83H6739, 85G5709, 85G6670, 85G6675, 85G6682, 85G6695, 85G6696, 85G6698, 85G6700, 85G6706, 85G6709, 85G6719, 85G6720, 85G6734, 85G6736, 85G6737, 85G6738, 85GR6709, 93P5022, IBPS240, IBPS310, IBPS365, IBPS380, IBPS380X, IBPS390, IBPS560, IBPS560X2, IBPS570, IBPS770, IBPSI1700, LPAIB3, LPAIB4, LPAIB5, LPAIB6, ZVC65NT17.8E, 6140-01-540-6513, AD-4015, CF-AA1623A, CF-AA1625AM, CF-VZSU29U

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