BattPit: New Replacement Laptop AC Adapter/Power Supply/Charger for Asus P53E-SO101D, 04G266003163, 106964, 2528181, ADP-40RB, CP500585-02, PA-1750-01 (19V 3.42A 65W)
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Product Description

Brand New BattPit 19V 3.42A 65W AC Adapter/Power Supply/Charger.- 1 Year Replacement Warranty on all BattPit Products.- 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.- Orders ship out in 1-2 business days.NOTE: Please match the tip of your original adapter with the tip pictured to avoid purchasing the wrong adapter.Compatible with the following Asus models: A42, A43, A45, A450, A46, A53, A54, A55, A550, A56, Lamborghini VX1, B43, B53, E46, E56, F301, F401, F45, F450, F45, F501, F52, F550, F751, F82, F83, Grandio F7400, K40, K43, K45, K46, K50, K55, K550, K555L, K56, K60, K72F, L80, M2A, M2C, M2E, M2N, P24E, P43E, P43F, P43J, P43S, P450, P46, P50, P53, P55, P550, P55A, P55V, P56, P80IJ, P81, PL30, PL30J, PL30JT, PL80, PL80J, PL80JT, PL80JT-RO018X, PL80JT-W, Pro23, Pro23A, Pro23FT, PRO24E, Pro32U, Pro4Q, Pro4QC, Pro5J, Pro5T, R405, R405C, R405V, R409, R409C, R409L, R409V, R505, R505C, R510, R550, R550C, R556LA, S301, S40, S401, S405, S405C, S40C, S46, S46C, S50, S501, S505, S505C, S50C, S550, S550C, S56, S56C, Transformer Book Flip TP500L, Transformer Book Flip TP500LA, Transformer Book Flip TP500LB, Transformer Book Flip TP500LN, Transformer Book Flip TP550LA, Transformer Book Flip TP550LD, Transformer Book Flip TP550LJ, U20, U24, U32, U36, U40S, U40SD, U44, U47A, U48, U50, U58, U6E, U80, U81, U84, U89, U89V, UL20, UL20A, UL30, UL30A, UL30Jt, UL30Vt, UL50, UL50A, UL50V, UL80, UL80A, UL80J, UL80V, UX50, UX50V, V550, V550C, V6000Va, V68, V6800, VivoBook F501A, VivoBook S300, VivoBook S300C, VivoBook S300E, VivoBook S400, VivoBook S400C, VivoBook S400E, VivoBook S500, VivoBook S505C, VivoBook S550, VivoBook S551L, VivoBook Touch S550CA, VivoBook U38N, VivoBook V550, VivoBook V551L, X24E, X301, X401, X43, X45, X450, X501, X54, X550, X61, X751, X75A, X75VD, X84, X8A, Z6100A, Z61A, Z9, Z9000, Z99Compatible with the following part numbers: 0225C1965, 02K6580, 0335A2065, 04G266003162, 04G266003163, 04G2660031M0, 04G2660031M1, 04G2660031S0, 04G2660031T0, 04G2660031T2, 04G2660031T3, 04G2660031U0, 04G2660031V0, 04G2660047D0, 04G2660047L1, 0950-2880, 0950-3807, 177625001, 177625-001, 177626001, 180676001, 198713001, 213563001, 222113001, 2611XXX, 2611-XXX, 293787001, 293831001, 298237001, 298238001, 7601056220, 760116515A, 76-011651-5A, 90-N6APW2004, ACADPT0004R, ACADPT0007R, ACC10, ACC10K, AC-C26, ADP40RB, ADP-40RB, ADP-45BW B, ADP45TB, ADP-65DB, ADP-65GD B, ADP-65HB, ADP-65HB BB, ADP-65HB BBEF, ADP-65JH BB, ADP-65KB, ADP-65WH AB, ADP-65WH BB, AP.06503.003, AP.06503.006, AP.06503.007, AP.06503.008, AP.06503.009, AP.06503.010, AP.06503.011, AP.06503.012, AP.06503.013, AP.06503.016, CA010070890, CA010070960, CA0100709930, CA01007-09930, CP500585-02, CP500620-01, DLPS3200, EXA0703YH, EXA1203YH, F1781A, F1781A#ABA, F9710, FMVAC315S, LPACQ1, LPADL1, LPADL2, LPADL3, LSE9802B2060, PA-16, PA160005, PA1600-05, PA-1650-22, PA-1650-66, PA-1650-78, PA-1700-02, PA-1750-01, PC-VP-WP45/OP-520-75602, QCD1ACYZZZTA51, SA2003301, SA7601056220, SA76-010562-20, SADP-65KB, SADP-65KBD, TPC-PCA-002, VSACC24666

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