BattPit: New Replacement Laptop AC Adapter/Power Supply/Charger for Acer Aspire One AO532h-2Ds, ADP-30JH BA, LC.ADT00.005, 0C830M, 450-12394, D3W2H, WA-30B19U (19V 2.10A 40W)
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** Please verify your laptop model / original AC adapter part# / output voltage / tip size before purchasing. **We care our customers. Contact us if you have any inquires. Brand New BattPit 19V 2.10A 40W AC Adapter/Power Supply/Charger.- 1 Year Replacement Warranty on all BattPit Products.- 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.- Orders ship out in 1-2 business days.NOTE: Please match the tip of your original adapter with the tip pictured to avoid purchasing the wrong adapter.Compatible with the following models: Dell Inspiron 1010, Dell Inspiron 1011, Dell Inspiron 1012, Dell Inspiron 1210, Dell Inspiron 1210n, Dell Inspiron 910, Dell Inspiron duo, Dell Inspiron Mini 10, Dell Inspiron Mini 1010, Dell Inspiron Mini 1010n, Dell Inspiron Mini 1010v, Dell Inspiron Mini 1011, Dell Inspiron Mini 1011n, Dell Inspiron Mini 1011v, Dell Inspiron Mini 1012, Dell Inspiron Mini 1012n, Dell Inspiron Mini 1012v, Dell Inspiron Mini 1018, Dell Inspiron Mini 10n, Dell Inspiron Mini 10v, Dell Inspiron Mini 12, Dell Inspiron Mini 1210, Dell Inspiron Mini 9, Dell Inspiron Mini 910, Dell Inspiron Mini 9n, Dell Inspiron Mini iM10, Dell Inspiron Mini iM1012, Dell Inspiron Mini iM1018, Dell Vostro A90, Dell Vostro A90N, eMachines eM350, Gateway EC14, Gateway EC1409u, Gateway EC1410u, Gateway EC1430u, Gateway EC1435u, Gateway EC1440u, Gateway EC1455u, Gateway EC1456u, Gateway EC1457u, Gateway EC18, Gateway EC1814u, Gateway EC1815u, Gateway LT10, Gateway LT20, Gateway LT2001u, Gateway LT2005u, Gateway LT2021u, Gateway LT2024u, Gateway LT2030u, Gateway LT2032u, Gateway LT2033u, Gateway LT2041u, Gateway LT2044u, Gateway LT21, Gateway LT2103, Gateway LT2104, Gateway LT2105, Gateway LT2106, Gateway LT2107, Gateway LT2108, Gateway LT2110, Gateway LT2113, Gateway LT2115u, Gateway LT2118u, Gateway LT2119u, Gateway LT2120, Gateway LT2123, Gateway LT23, Gateway LT2304c, Gateway LT2315u, Gateway LT2319u, Gateway LT2320u, Gateway LT2503u, Gateway LT2514u, Gateway LT2525u, Gateway LT2526u, Gateway LT30, Gateway LT3005, Gateway LT3013, Gateway LT31, Gateway LT3100, Gateway LT3103, Gateway LT3114, Gateway LT3115, Gateway LT3116, Gateway LT3117, Gateway LT3118Compatible with the following part numbers: 092566-11, ADP-30JH, ADP-30JH B, ADP-30JH BA, ADP-30JH BA LF, ADP-30LH, ADP-30LH B, ADP-40TH A, AK.040AP.024, AP.03001.001, AP.03003.001, AP.0300A.001, AP.04001.002, AP03003001832F, LC.ADT00.005, LC.ADT00.059, LC.ADT00.06, PA-1300-04, PA-1300-04AC, PA-1300-04AC LF, PA-1300-04AF, WA-30A19U, E1AW, 0313JX, 0C830M, 0D3W2H, 0GJC86, 0Y877G, 313JX, 330-2063, 330-3674, 330-9808, 450-12392, 450-12394, AD6113, AD611LF, AD611X, AD651XY, AD651XYBel, AD9012, ADP-30TH B, C830M, C842M, D3W2H, FSP FSP030-DQDA1, FSP030-DADA1, FSP030-DQDA1, OGJC86, PA1M11, T298H, WA-30A19K, WA-30A19Y, WA-30B19K, WA-30B19U, WA-30B19Y, Y200J, Y877G, HP-A0301R3, ADP-45HE B

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