BattPit: New Replacement Laptop AC Adapter/Power Supply/Charger for Acer Aspire 5630-6124, 104155, 2527682, 6506058R, AP.00903.002, AP.A1003.003, PA-1900-05AW (19V 4.74A 90W)
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Product Description

Brand New BattPit 19V 4.74A 90W AC Adapter/Power Supply/Charger.- 1 Year Replacement Warranty on all BattPit Products.- 30 Day Money Back Guarantee.- Orders ship out in 1-2 business days.NOTE: Please match the tip of your original adapter with the tip pictured to avoid purchasing the wrong adapter. This Adpater only for HP, Compaq, Gateway 19 Volt and 4.74A version.Compatible with the following Acer models: Aspire 1300, Aspire 1400, Aspire 1600, Aspire 2200, Aspire 2430, Aspire 2930, Aspire 3010, Aspire 3020, Aspire 3750G, Aspire 3830G, Aspire 4235, Aspire 4240, Aspire 4251, Aspire 4540, Aspire 4553, Aspire 4710G, Aspire 4735, Aspire 4740G, Aspire 4755G, Aspire 4820G, Aspire 4830G, Aspire 4830Z, Aspire 4920G, Aspire 4930G, Aspire 5020, Aspire 5230, Aspire 5338, Aspire 5530G, Aspire 5541G, Aspire 5551G, Aspire 5553, Aspire 5625G, Aspire 5630, Aspire 5650, Aspire 5710Z, Aspire 5730G, Aspire 5740, Aspire 5750, Aspire 5820, Aspire 5910, Aspire 5920, Aspire 5930, Aspire 5940, Aspire 6530G, Aspire 6920, Aspire 6930, Aspire 7000, Aspire 7220, Aspire 7320, Aspire 7520, Aspire 7720, Aspire 7730, Aspire 7740, Aspire 7920, Aspire 8530, Aspire 8730, Aspire 8920, Aspire 9300, Aspire 9400, Aspire 9500, Aspire 9800, Aspire AS4820T, Aspire AS5741, Aspire AS5820, Aspire E1-410, Aspire E1-470, Aspire E1-510, Aspire E1-530, Aspire E1-570, Aspire E1-731, Aspire E1-771, Aspire E1-772, Aspire E5-571, Aspire E5-721, Aspire E5-722, Aspire E5-731, Aspire E5-752, Aspire E5-771, Aspire E5-772, Aspire E5-773, Aspire EC-470G, Aspire EC-471G, Aspire EK-571G, Aspire M5-481, Aspire M5-581G, Aspire M5-582PT, Aspire M5-583P, Aspire R7-571, Aspire R7-572G, Aspire TimelineX 3830G, Aspire TimelineX 3830T, Aspire TimelineX 4830T, Aspire TimelineX AS4820, Aspire TimelineX AS5820, Aspire V15 VN7-571, Aspire V15 VN7-591, Aspire V15 VN7-791, Aspire V3-371, Aspire V3-472, Aspire V3-532, Aspire V3-551, Aspire V3-571G, Aspire V3-572, Aspire V3-574, Aspire V3-575, Aspire V3-771G, Aspire V5-561, Aspire V5-573, Aspire V7-481, Aspire V7-482PG, Aspire V7-581P, Aspire V7-582P, Aspire VN7-571Compatible with the following part numbers: 0335A1965, 102458, 103326, 104155, 104376, 104378, 105067, 106212, 106213, 106821, 106889, 106900, 106903, 1533516, 1ACYZZZTN96, 25.10091.40f28.002, 25.10172.001, 25.10173.002, 2521997, 2522763R, 2523114, 2523114R, 2527646, 2527682, 2527682R, 2527738, 2527738R, 2527741R, 2528089, 2528089R, 2528095R, 2528179R, 2528253, 2528253R, 2528253R3, 2528295, 2528295R, 2900728, 40001966, 6500767, 6500920, 6501062, 6506058, 6506058R, 6506060, 6506060R, 6506063, 6506064R, 6506083R, 6506101, 6506101R, 6506104, 6506104R, 91.40F28.002, 91.46W28.002, 91.47A28.004, 91.48428.6A1, 91.AA135.001, ADP-65HB BBCF, ADP-70THA, ADP-90SB BBDNF, ADT01.008, ADT-PA1350, ADT-YA1, AP.00903.001, AP.00903.002, AP.0650A.017, AP.09000.001, AP.09001.004, AP.09001.005, AP.09001.010, AP.09001.013, AP.09001.027, AP.09003.002, AP.09003.005, AP.09003.009, AP.09003.011, AP.09003.021, AP.09006.004, AP.0900A.005, AP.A0201.003, AP.A0305.003, AP.A1003.002, AP.A1003.003, CPA09-A065N1, HP-A0653R3B, HP-A904A3, HP-OK066B13CP, LC.ADT01.007, LC.ADT01.008, LC.ADT06.001, LC.ADT06.002, N18664, PA-1650-01GA, PA-1650-01GQ, PA-1650-02AR, PA-1650-02G1, PA-1900.04AC, PA-1900.04WR, PA-1900-03GQ, PA-1900-04AC, PA-1900-04QB, PA-1900-05AW, PA-1900-06, PA-1900-15, PA-1900-15GR, PA-1900-24AR, PA-AB7810, QND1ACYZZZ0014, QND1ACYZZZ0022, QND1ACYZZZ0049, QND1ACYZZZ00493, QND1ACYZZZ0081, QND1ACYZZZ0090, QND1ACYZZZ00D9, QND1ACYZZZ00G3, QND1MIHZZZTA47, SA70-3105, SLS0202C19A20LF

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