BattPit Gateway M6876B M6874 Series M6874h M6874h Slate Grey Ridgeview M6875B Part#: AB170 SQU-719 GT-M150H W35052LB SQU-721 Laptop Battery
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Product Description

This Genuine BattPit product comes with a 30-Day Money Back Guarantee and 1 Year Warranty. Bring your laptop back to life with this cutting-edge premium quality Li-ion replacement battery. The built-in protection circuit ensures safety, stability, fast charging and low power consumption for your device. This battery is fully compatible with the following Gateway laptop / notebook model: M1400 M-1400 M1400 Series M1412 Series M-150 M150 Series M150S Slate Grey Ridgeview M150X M-150X M150XL M-150XL M150XL Slate Grey Ridgeview M151 Series M152 Series M152S M-152S M16 Series M1600 Series M2000 M24 - Gateway M2400 - Gateway M2404u M-2404U M2408J M-2408J M2409J M-2409J M2410j M-26 M6205m M6300 Series M6700 Series M7000 Series M73 Series M7301 Series M7301h M7301u M7305 Series M7305u M-7305U M7309 Series M7315 Series M7317 Series M7317u M-7317U M7325 Series M7325u M7328 Series M7328u M7333 Series M7333u M7334 Series M78 Series M7810J M7818 Series P171 Series P171S FX Edition P6000 Series P6300 series P6800 Series P78 Series T1600 series T6300 Series T6800 series ETCFully Compatible with Gateway part number: Acer DAK100440-011805 1BTIZZZ0TAT 1BTIZZZ0TAU 1BTIZZZ0TAV 2524264 2524265 3UR18650-2-T0036 3UR18650-2-T0037 3UR18650F-2-ARM 6146595 6501117 6501147 6501164 6501165 6501166 6501167 6501168 6501169 6501171 6501182 6501186 6501187 6501188 6501189 6501190 6501191 6501200 6501202 6501203 6501209 6501210 6501211 6501212 6501213 6501214 6501215 6501216 6501217 6501218 6501219 6501220 6506124R 6506125R 6506126R 6506128 6506156R 6506157R 6MSBG 916C6240F 916C6250 916C6790F 916C6800F 916C6810F 916C6940F 916C7320F 934T2660F 934T2670F 934T2690F 934T2700F 934T2720F 934T2730F 934T2740F 934T2920F 934T2960F 935C/T2090F 935C/T2260 935C/T2260Fi 935C/T2270 935C/T2770 935C2090F 935C2150F 935C2180F 935C2190F 935T2090F AB170 AK.006BT.002 B1865010G00004 B1865010G00006 B1865060GA0013 B1865060GA0014 B1865060GA0015 B1865060GA0016 B1865060GA0017 B1865060GA0018 B1865060GA0019 B1865060GA0020 B1865060GA0021 B1865060GA0161 BT.00603.047 BT.00607.024 BT.00607.025 BT.00607.026 BT.00607.029 BT.00607.030 BT.0060D.001 BT.0060D.003 BT.0060D.004 BT.0060D.005 BT.00907.004 BT.00907.006 BT.00907.008 BT.00907.009 BT.00907.010 BT00907004 BT00907005 BT00907006 BT00907008 BT00907009 BT00907010 DAK100440-010144L DAK100440-010802L DAK100440-011107L DAK100440-011805L DAK100520-010102L GT-M150H LCBTP01011 SQU-715 SQU-716 SQU-719 SQU-720 SQU-721 W35044LB W35044LB-SA-A W35044LB-SP W35044LB-SP1 W35044LBSY W35044LB-SY W35052LB W35052LB-SP W35052LB-SY W35078LD W35078LDSP W35078LD-SP

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