AVF EAK50B-A Surround Sound Speaker Wall Mounts, Set of 2
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Product Description

Set your home audio system up exactly the way you want to with these AVF EAK50B-A Surround Sound Speaker Wall Mounts. They feature solid and durable construction that can support weight up to 11lbs each. They feature X and Y axis articulation and are easily adjustable to help you get the ideal angle for your surround sound system. These AVF wall mounts are simple to install and can be screwed in tightly for a secure hold. They are great for dens and home theaters. Giving your office or living room quality surround sound is also a breeze using this set of 2 AVF speaker mounts. Simply attach your speakers, hang them up and enjoy your audio system in stunning surround sound clarity. Once they have been adjusted, you can tighten them in place to ensure that they do not move or slip at all, even during heavy extended use.

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