Atractylodes Root 4:1 Extract Cream (2 oz, ZIN: 515021)
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Atractylodes Root 4:1 Extract Cream (2 oz, ZIN: 515021): Atractylodes is an herb that has been used in Chinese herbal healths for centuries. Bitter and pungent in flavor, yet warm in nature, this herb acts on the spleen and stomach channels. One of its properties removes dampness from the body, the other is a warm property that dispels the cold. Atractylodes can help expel wind-cold from the superficial parts of the body, and cold-dampness and excessive fluid in the spleen and stomach; therefore, Atractylodes are indicated for helping support health concerns caused by dampness no matter what is in the exterior or the interior of the body. - The Atractylodes herb is widely used to strengthen digestion and assimilation and to move moisture through the body. It can help stimulate the appetite for those who need it, but it also helps reduce the appetite in those who overeat. Taking Atractylodes supplements and exercising heavily or performing other types of hard physical activity, will pro

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