Arrowzoom New Black 19.6" x 19.6" x 1.9" Wedge Studio Soundproofing Acoustic Foam Tile Panel, 8 pcs Pack
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Product Overview: Brand New Arrowzoom Wedge Studio Soundproofing Acoustic Foam Tile PanelMade from Imported High Quality Polyurethane FoamSound-Absorbing FoamHigh density acoustic foam cell structure for maximum noise absorptionHelps to flutter echoes and reduce excess reflections and reverberationImproves vocal clarity and acoustics of your roomHighly fire retardantIdeal for use in recording studios, home theaters and karaoke roomSize & Dimension: 19.6" x 19.6" x 1.9" (50 cm x 50 cm x 5 cm) NOTE: Orders may be split into multiple shipments for postage. And due to shipping requirement, we compressed (vacuum sealed) the acoustic foam for easy shipping. Please kindly give until 24 to 48 hours for the foam to restore to its normal size.This new acoustic foam is made from high quality imported foam. Sound vibrations are broadcast thru the air causing issues with noise entering and exiting your house studio. This sound absorbing polyurethane foam panel is designed to reduce echo within a room. The acoustic studio foam enhances the sound quality and aesthetics of any recording or listening environment.Ideally used in recording studios, home theaters, karaoke room, auditorium, gymnasiums, industrial facilities and a lot more. It comes in a variety of colors, sizes and bundles to suit your acoustical treatment needs.

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