Antennas Direct PA18 Ultra-Low Noise Pre-Amplifier
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Product Description

Get better reception, improve signal strength and get more channels with the Antennas Direct PA18 Ultra-Low Noise Pre-Amplifier. It is designed to enhance the performance of antennas that have a weak signal in areas over 30 miles away from the broadcast towers. It also improves the amplification of 100' of cable or more from the antenna to the TV, as well as applications with splitters. The sleek and powerful UHF VHF preamplifier is embedded with clear circuit technology. This preamp kit includes a power inserter and two coaxial cables. The weatherproof construction is easy to install. It takes up a minimal amount of space and can usually be located in a low-visibility spot. The TV antenna preamplifier is engineered to deliver uncompromising reception and consistent signal performance for reliable picture quality.

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