Antec TriCool 120mm Blue LED Fan, 3-Speed
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Product Description

If high temperatures are the enemy of the sensitive electronic components in your desktop and laptop computers, then the Antec TriCool 120MM Blue LED Fan has the answer. Avoid heat-related problems with machine operations, software and applications. This LED fan features a three-speed switch to balance and optimize the cooling effect for convenience and versatility. It not only lowers temperatures but also operates quietly and is energy efficient. This PC cooling fan features a double ball-bearing design for a long useful life. It has 3- and 4-pin power connectors to link it to the motherboard or power supply. The Antec blue LED fan has a three-speed switch. In addition, it's quiet on all settings. The fan speed can be monitored using a compatible motherboard. In addition to the reliable mechanical operations, the brilliant blue LED light is aesthetically pleasing. If you build or repair computers, the Antec TriCool 120mm Blue LED fan is a component you may want to keep on hand.</

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