Antec Formula 7 Thermal Compound
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Product Description

The Antec Formula 7 Thermal Compound protects your CPU even when it is in top working condition. It is formulated to isolate and facilitate the transfer of heat in your central processing unit. The lightweight Arctic silver thermal compound is a stable composition. It is designed to maintain its consistency, which means it will not dry out or crack. The Formula 7's nano diamond particles minimize the distance between heat-conductive compounds to enable efficient transmission. This thermal compound paste can optimally perform between a stable range of 122 degrees Fahrenheit and 482 degrees Fahrenheit. It enables you to protect your system and enhance its performance at the same time. The particles have a reliable rate of 8.3 w/mK. Its contents come in a pre-filled syringe designed for convenience. The stopper allows you to gently push out how much you need from the tube.

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