Aleratec DVD/CD Disc Repair Plus - CD/DVD repair kit
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Restore damaged media to working order by using this Aleratec DVD CD Disc Repair Plus. The device is motorized and will allow the user to choose the cycle according to their needs. This Aleratec disc repair plus buffs out scratches that can hinder a disc from playing or playing as well as it should. It will also remove smudges and dullness that can cause skipping, freezing and other issues. This CD DVD repair kit also includes an anti-static cloth for safely wiping these items clean to keep them in top condition. This kit is suitable for movies, music and even game discs. TheAleratec DVD CD Disc Repair Plus will clean and repair up to 99 percent of scratches. The set includes two extra buffering wheels, a cleaning kit, a repair kit, an anti-static cleaning cloth, a 110V AC adapter and a user manual so you will have everything necessary to get started.

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