AC Adapter for Samsung HMX-H104BN ac, Samsung HMX-H104BP ac, Samsung HMX-H105BN ac, Samsung HMX-H105BP ac, Samsung HMX-H106
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New AC Adapter Equivalent to Samsung -110/240vCompatible with the following OEM part number: AA-E8, AA-E9, AD39-00028A, AD44-00065AK, AD44-00065A, AD44-00089A, AD44-00090A, AD44-00090AK, AD44-00101A, AD44-00091A, AD44-00116A, AD44-00117A, AD44-00115A, AD44-00112A, AD44-00116B If your camcorder does a heavy indoor job, or you want to stop waisting your battery power when you dont have to. This power adapter is the ideal high-quality, low-cost solution for saving battery power and reducing battery charging downtime and for powering your camecorder and charge the battery while in the camcorder. Use this powerful adapter when downloading images to your computer, printing pictures, or shooting videos and save your batteries for when you need them most! AC Adapter for Samsung HMX-H104BN HMX-H104BP HMX-H105BN HMX-H105BP HMX-H106Not made by Samsung

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