3x CP300H 1.2V 300mAh Button Battery V300 55630101501 AASC1145 For alarm system
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Varta CP300H 1.2V 300mAh Button Cell Battery 55630101501Varta CP300H 1.2V 300mAh Button Cell Battery are excellent button cell batteries.These battery are made with high quality parts and are guaranteed to meet or exceed specifications.These Nickel Metal Hydride button cells are also excellent replacements for all your electronic devices and equipement.Varta CP300H 1.2V 300mAh Button Cell Battery Specifications:System: Nickel Metal Hydride/ KOH Electrolyte Nominal Voltage [V]: 1.2 Nominal Capacity C [mAh]: 280 Typical Capacity C [mAh]: 300 at 56 mA / 1.00 V Weight, approx. [g] 11 Diameter [d]: (min.) 24.95 (max.) 25.1 Height [h]: (min.) 6.95 (max.) 7.55 UL Recognition: MH 13654 (N)Temperature Ranges [?C]Storage: less than 30 days -40(min.) 65(max.) Discharge: -20 (min..) 65 (max.) Charge: 0 (min.) 65 (max.) Charging Method:Normal Charging: 28 mA for 14 ? 16 hAccelerated Charging (20?C): 56 mA for 7-8 hFast Charging: 140 mA for 3 h *Trickle Charging:8.4 mAOvercharge (20?C): 28 mA continuous 56 mA up to 1 yearCharge Retention [%] at 20?C: 90Internal Resistance [Ohm]: 0.47 at charged cells, 20?C, DC: 0.2 CA/2 CA, (IEC 61951-2)Impedance [Ohm]: 0.08 at charged cells, 20?C, AC: 1kHz, (IEC 61951-2)

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