23-0497 - HP 23-0497 OEM - COMM. CABLE RS232
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List of compatible models includes: COMMUNICATION CABLE RS485, DYNAM-2440 PACK W=98 DINTS-WELD, F300 HIGH FLEX GRADE BLOWER POWER 10M, HIC HOLDER ASSY (CE), INVERTER FREQ 230VAC 0.2KW 1.4A, KIT FCO REPLACING U7 FOR F300S VER. 65, KIT FOR BOARD TGI\O, ROUND CABLE ASSY FOR ENCODER, SCANNER FLATBED 4800X9600DPI 24BIT 25W, Scitex FB6050 H.Y.W Printer, Scitex FB6050 Printer, Scitex FB6100 Printer, Scitex Tempo Light 4C FB R2R Printer, Scitex Tempo Lt Rigid 4C FB Printer, Scitex Tempo Q R2R FB Zog Printer, Scitex TJ8550 (220V) Printer, Scitex TJ8600 Printer, Scitex XP2100 Printer, Scitex XP2300 Printer, Scitex XP2700 Printer, Scitex XP2750 Printer, Scitex XP5300 Printer, SCREW SHC M4X12 DIN 912 A2, SCREW SHC M6X16 DIN 912 ST.ZINC PL., TEMPO II,FLAT BED&ROLL2ROLL,HIGH SPEED, TEMPO II,RIGID ONLY-FLATBED,8C,HIGHSPEED, TEMPO, FLAT BED & ROLL TO ROLL, TEMPO, RIGID ONLY(FLAT BED), 8C, WASHER SPRING 6 DIN 127B ST.ZINC PL., Y AXIS SHAFT 180X3360 RUBBER COATING

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