2 High Capacity Replacement Canon NB-11L Batteries for Canon PowerShot 110 HS Digital Camera
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Product Description

Included are 2 High Performance, High Capacity Replacement Canon NB-11L Lithium-ion Batteries (1450mAh each) made for Canon PowerShot A2300 IS, A2400 IS, A2500, A2600, A3400 IS, A3500 IS, A4000 IS, ELPH 110 HS, ELPH 115 HS, ELPH 130 HS, ELPH 320 HS, ELPH 340 HS Digital Cameras. Battery Specification: 3.7V 1450mAh 5.4Wh (each) Lithium-ion - for a long Battery life. Also included in the package is a HeroFiber Ultra Gentle Cloth which is made from unique fabric specially designed to clean electronics and accessories.

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