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Rubber-Cal Sunflower 18 in. x 30 in. Welcome Door Mat, Black-Tan-Yellow-Green
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Sunflowers are known as the happiest of flowers, with their bright, cheery and sun-like appearance. Throughout history, the brilliant yellow flower is regarded as a symbol happiness, loyalty, longevity and warmth. The sunflower is also a source of nourishment and energy because it provides beneficial seeds and oil. Place this gorgeous sunflower doormat anywhere in your residence to create an atmosphere of delight and warmth. In ancient myths, sunflowers are symbols of longevity because of their striking resemblance to the sun. The sun, which is our source of energy and life, is also associated with long life and resiliency. You can use these summer doormats outdoors in areas where the sun beams brightly. Although the sunflower on this garden doormat is merely a stencil, the design will not fade or mold. Just like a sunflower, these coir doormats will maintain their vibrancy and beauty. The coir fibers on these coir doormats have been bleached to a beautiful light beige color. The beige background on this garden doormat brings attention to the lovely sunflower stencils. In the bottom left corner, three sunflowers appear as if they are sprouting up, similar to how wild sunflowers open up their petals to receive the sun's rays. This sunflower doormat will truly light up any garden, patio or front entrance. Color: Black-Tan-Yellow-Green.

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