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Rubber-Cal Santa Claus is Back 18 in. x 30 in. Christmas Door Mat, Black-Blue-White-Red
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Bring the spirit of Santa Claus to your front doorsteps with this Christmas-themed coir door mat. As we anticipate snowfall, Christmas lights and delicious eggnog, festive excitement surrounds us all. Join in on the holiday fun and add one of these holiday doormats to your front entrance for a decorative touch of Christmas cheer. The stencil on these front door mats is of Saint Nick's jolly ole' face. Although Santa Claus may be smiling on these holiday doormats, he is secretly watching you to see if you are on your best behavior. These front door mats can be used indoors or outdoors. Made from coir fibers, this outdoor welcome mat is resistant to moisture because coco/coir fibers are naturally resistant to moisture. You can place this coir door mat in an area with constant exposure to heat and water, but these mats will not fade, mold or crack. These doormats are made to last. As Christmas time rolls around, so does the cold, wet weather. Wintry seasons are usually accompanied by rain, snow and mud. As grime and muck get trapped under your shoes, prevent your home from getting dirty by cleaning your shoes and boots on the coir fibers of these mats. Coir bristles naturally captures dirt and keeps in moisture, keeping your home dry and clean. Now, when Santa Claus comes down the chimney, you won't have to worry about him slipping on wet floors. Color: Black-Blue-White-Red.

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