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Rubber-Cal Need Directions, You Are Here 30 in. x 18 in. Door Mat, Brown
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Don't get lost. Buy this welcome door mat to keep you and your sense of direction on point. Featuring a signpost design painted in eye-popping colors like red, yellow, and blue, the You Are Here mat will bring every side of the compass down to one point: you. Here is a coconut door mat that can survive in both hot and dry weather and in cold and wet weather. It is in wet conditions where these walk off mats truly shine because coir is a natural absorber of moisture. This helps to prevent moisture-related effects like mold and mildew from occurring. Dirt particles have a nasty habit of spreading. Before you know it, the once clean inside area of your house can end up being ruined and filthy. This welcome door mat will not welcome any dirt or mud into your home. The coir fiber that makes this mat traps dirt and other debris within its bristles, ensuring that they remain on the mat until washed away. One of the biggest benefits of having a coir mat at your door is because they make for excellent walk off mats. Coir is great for scraping dirt and mud off from incoming shoes. This is partly why it is so effective at keeping your home clean. Clean shoes will mean that no dirt will be brought into your house. Color: Brown.

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