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METAL MAN Steel Single/Dual Bottle Heavy Duty Universal Welding Cart with Fold Down Handle
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The METAL MAN Heavy Duty Single/Dual Bottle Welding Cart is designed for multiple uses. It can be used to hold portable wire welders, plasma cutters and TIG welders along with the bottle of shielding gas needed for that application. Its unique cylinder rack allows you to configure it to carry 1 bottle of gas up to 10 in. in diameter and up to 300 cu. ft. or 2-separate bottles of gas up to 7-1/2 in. Dia or 150 cu. ft. each. You can use this welding cart to hold 2-separate welders, a welder and a plasma cutter, or this cart can hold a power source and feeder. The bottom shelf has an 18 in. clearance, giving ample space to store a smaller, inverter-based welding power source on the bottom shelf. The top shelf has ample space to fit a wire feeder. In addition, the top of the cylinder securement rack can be removed to accommodate the wire feeder spool holder and a large spool of wire.

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