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Just Scentsational Feeder Scentry
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Most bird feeders have trouble with robber squirrels, chipmunk, deer and other pests that eat the seed before the birds have a chance. The Feeder Scentry by Just Sensational is the humane and environmentally friendly way of ridding your feeders of these unwanted robber pests. The Feeder Scentry is an all-natural organic absorbent stone that has been infused with a predator scent which sends an unmistakable signal to all unwanted feeder pests to beware and stay away in. The Feeder Scentry kit includes a rough surface Velcro pad to attach the Feeder Scentry stone to the underside of the bird feeder or to the feeder pole. The absorbent Feeder Scentry can be recharged when the scent diminishes. The Feeder Scentry is totally safe around humans and will not cause harm to pets or wildlife. Good for many months of outdoor use. Time varies based on outside conditions.

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